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DIY Streamer Backdrops

Colour is always a main part of any celebration. It helps send the message of a theme you are going for, or a certain holiday you are celebrating. For example today is St. Patrick’s Day. What colour is synonymous with this day? Green of course! Easter - pastels (pink, yellow, blue, green). Valentine’s - pink, red and white. You get the picture.

At SweetTable.ca we love anything with lots of colour. Streamer backdrops have been a staple in many DIY weddings for quite awhile. They make any occasion, fun, energetic and striking. Here are some of our favourites and a link to a DIY blog post on the subject.

Photo Source: 100 Layer Cake
Photo Source: Modern Weddings
Photo Source: 100 Layer Cake
Photo Source: Ayvanart

We even made one for this 50’s inspired retro birthday party. They are super easy to make and only take about an hour (depending how crafty you are).

Happy Weekend!


St Patrick's Day Round Up

Irish Mojito
Source: Fashionably Bombed

Sugar Cookies
Source: Sweetopia

Chocolate Guinness Pudding
Source: Sprinkle Bakes

St. Patrick Day’s themed table
Source: Tip Junkie

We can’t wait for this green holiday!


Have Fun Serving!

SweetTable Blog 3 - Have Fun Serving
A. Artist Palette Tray from FishsEddy.com
B. Memo Notebook Tray from FishsEddy.com
C. Diner White Pizza Slice Plate from FishsEddy.com
D. Cookie Tray found on ThisNext.com
E. Floor Plan Penthouse Platter from FishsEddy.com
F. Double Dish from Josephjoseph.com

Throwing parties is always fun but it’s important to have a great presentation. Having conversational serving pieces on the table is great & fun.

The Double Dish by Joseph Joseph is my favourite. It’s the perfect solution to serving foods with shells or pits such as olives.

The cookie tray is another favourite. It’s always important to remember height when designing your table. Various heights of sweets on your table will add visual interest and volume. Added bonus, this cookie tray is one piece but allows you to serve three different treats.

So remember, to get your guests ‘ouuu!’ & ‘ahhhh’ing over our table, add these fun serving trays with some height and you’ll have all your guests crowded around the table.


Sweet Inspiration - Candy Trim

Loving this from Martha Stewart, cute candy necklace trim for your sweet table and of course loving the colour palette too!



Sweet Inspiration - S/S Louis Vuitton

Absolutely loving the new ads for Louis Vuitton! They are so girly, cute and pink! Who doesn't love milk shakes and candy? We certainly do!

Photo Source: ELLE

Teaser Picture

Wow, photo shoots take quite the time. We started at 12 pm and we finally finished packing everything back into our cars at 12:20 am. We barely had time to eat; food was brought in and we ate when we had time.

Here’s a little teaser picture from the last table of the day. Izabela isn’t quite done styling it yet, but I took a little shot with my phone.

Have a good night!

Photo Shoot

We are getting all ready for our first professional photographer photo shoot. The photographer we are working with is Marc from mkphotographics. He’s an excellent photographer that takes time to get the feeling of the moment.

We’ve been planning, shopping, and baking all week for this shoot. Really excited and can’t wait to get working!


Sweet Trends

As a person who follows a gluten free diet it is extremely hard for me to find good tasting and textured sweet and baked goods. Luckily for me (and you) some of the biggest trends for sweet tables right now are macarons and meringues. They come in a variety of colours and flavours, and are this year’s hot item to have on your sweet table.
Photo Source: Chicquero

Cakes are back in vogue; while at the Wedding Co. show VIP tour, last weekend, creator Catherine Lash explained the history and reasoning behind the wedding cake. It is the one piece of food everyone shares, it’s “breaking bread” together, having that common piece of foods.
Photo Source: Cakes by Konstadin

Another hot item is from the confectionary world. Vintage candy is hot, ranging from big lollypops, rock candy to candy sticks and old school candy. You can use a variety of colours or pick candy with your wedding hues.
Photo Source: Amy Atlas


Dessert & the Perfect Lampshade

We all know that what’s on the table is delicious but let’s not forget about what hangs above – the lighting. Lighting is very important in every desired environment. It is what sets the ambience, mood and energy in the space.
Source: Angela Saban Design
In the photo above you will see how the delicate lighting from the chandeliers compliments the elegant lace trimming. The delicate lighting allows for your eyes to be drawn toward the finer details; lace, soft ruffles & floral.
Source: Sparkle & Hey Wedding
The sweet table pictured above is very mystical, magical & delicate which is which soft ambient lighting is strongly suggested for this table.
Source: Bella Bleu Bridal
The table above, although it looked delicious it lacks in lighting and giving wow factor to the sweets on the table. It needs a fun light fixture. Try the MASKROS pendent lamp from IKEA which comes in various sizes.
Source: Ikea

Engaged & Inspired

The above Birthday Party for Zoe would be complete if it was paired with some Bird Lamp pendants.
Source: Bird Lamp

So remember, lighting matters!
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